Culture War Flashpoints are Sexual AND Spiritual!

March 9th, 2013

Check out this article, , posted by Alan Burrow.

Here is a developed apologetic that the sexual infidelity of a culture directly mirrors its spiritual infidelity.

Is Human Life Worth This?

March 9th, 2013

Here is an article ( that delves into the messy intricacies that develop with modern medical expertise… Especially when it comes to fertility and surrogacy.

The story “pits” the surrogate mom as a pro-life person… and the genetic parents as some kind of compassionate and human people. In addition, inserts some unexpected twists.

It is an interesting read; however the clinical discussion of human life is a bit off-putting. But continued reading revealed some interesting bits in the emotional stand-off of the parties involved.

One cannot help to detect the unstated bias of the author, she writes of the so-described humane genetic parents, “They wanted something better for this child.” In this declaration, she states two irreconcilable things. The first opinion, that abortion is something better than life. The second, most importantly, truth… that the unborn baby is indeed a human child.

While the surrogate mom does indeed have “issues,” she emerges a hero, of sorts. We all have heard the age-old lie from the enemy… that we can be like God. In this story, it is presented in a compassionate way as the surrogate mom remembers, “They said I should try to be God-like and have mercy on the child and let her go.”

I still cannot help but to think all concerned acknowledge the life in the womb as a CHILD. Yet, there are some who, in cold-blooded fashion, openly advocate for murder of such. (There is no other description for this crime.)

What follows is a sickening discussion of what the monetary value of this baby was, the surrogate mom decided at about $15,000 and the genetic mom, about $10,000. Is this what it comes down to these days, money?

However, the baby is eventually born and her prospects for a long life are not very good.

Nevertheless, what say you, ought we not to leave the playing God part to God?

I say no to playing God in this… and that Baby S is infinitely valuable, as Christ died for her, too.


Skyfall – Worship Edition

March 1st, 2013

Are these skillful musicians? Yes!
But does this qualify as praise and worship? No!
But then Granger Community Church thinks so… friends, if you attend that church… run!

This Stuff Hurts Brains, Don’t Try it at Home

February 28th, 2013

I came across this today:

In it the author, Ryan Stringer, offers a logical “proof” of how God does not exist. I read and thought it a great proof. But it stumbles at premise three.

Ryan would have you believe, that “A being’s omniscience entails, among other things, that it has all experiential knowledge.” He alleges this to be “necessary truth.”

At first glance, it would seem to most people to be an acceptable premise… but is it? I don’t think so.

It seems that for the premise to be true, God is ONLY omniscient. But there are other things we know about God. One that is the most offensive to us is that He is holy. That means He does not sin.

Even his offered salvage of the argument fails, considering that God is holy. Case being, to support his contrivance, he necessitates it is logically possible for God to learn. I don’t think so. If he has already granted the premise that God is omniscient… it is not logically possible there is anything left to learn.

So thinking as men do, we limit God by our minds, when it ought to be the other way.

God, being holy, does not know what it is like to sin. As it is evidenced by this, that this so-called experiential truth is not necessary to omniscience in any way. It destroys premise three, and anything conclusive is incorrect, save that there is experiential knowledge humans have that it is impossible for God to have.


My eyes are dry …

November 7th, 2011

Thirty years or so ago when I was wearing out Keith Green cassettes, I used to enjoy this song. Looking back, I really did not get it, really. After living the faith much longer it means a lot more to me. I hope it is your prayer and draws you closer to His love.

My eyes are dry,
My faith is old,
My heart is hard,
My prayers are cold.
And I know how I ought to be:
Alive to You and dead to me.

Oh, what can be done
For an old heart like mine?
Soften it up
With oil and wine.
The oil is You,
Your spirit of love.
Please wash me anew
In the wine of Your blood!

Please Help Update

October 27th, 2011

Hi Y’all,

The last eight months have been hard. I want to thank all the friends and family that have helped us pay our rent and bills. It is time for a new chapter.

We have decided to give up our apartment and move in with a friend until things get better and we can provide for ourselves again. This will greatly reduce our expenses. God has provided funds to store our stuff and lots of strong backs to move our stuff into storage. I have done what I can to pack our stuff but have mostly relied on friends and family as I wear out very quickly.

My cardiologist tells me that I have a rare condition known as Diastolic Heart Failure. What this means is that my heart does not relax enough to fill up very much, even though it is pumping out about 50% of what is in it. I can do some walking or light work for a short time but I get winded very soon and have to rest about half an hour before I can do much again.

The stroke I had was mostly reversed by the TPA I received in time. The multiple mini strokes I had before the major stroke continue to make me weaker on the left side and affect my speech sporadically. Sometimes I sound almost normal. Often I stutter badly and cannot say certain words and have to come up with another way to say something.  Thankfully I can still write fairly fluently. The intense pain and coldness in my hands and feet has gotten somewhat better, so I can type a little longer now.

We still have a long way to go and may never get back to normal. If you can help we would appreciate it. Below is a PayPal link. If you would rather send a check our new address is:
PO Box 770681
Coral Springs, Fl 33077

Thanks a lot,

Brad and Julie Thompson



Darwin’s Bizarre Cult

August 12th, 2011

“The BBC teased religious…… leaders by asking them if they believed in the literal truth of the great Bible stories. I would like to ask BBC chiefs and the rest of our secular establishment if they believe in the literal truth of evolution. Evolution is an unproven theory. If what its fundamentalist supporters believe is true, fishes decided to grow lungs and legs and walk up the beach. The idea is so comically daft that only one thing explains its survival—that lonely, frightened people wanted to expel God from the Universe because they found the idea that He exists profoundly uncomfortable.” – Peter Hitchens 
from the feature page of the International Express (UK), on 5 January 2000:

Peter Hitchens is right “that lonely, frightened people wanted to expel God from the Universe because they found the idea that He exists profoundly uncomfortable.” And the eternal consequence of such folly is really tragic.

The news that we bring condemnation to ourselves by violating the perfect law of God is offensive. But once we sully righteousness, it is no longer righteous. We cannot clean ourselves up, or restore our own righteousness.

There is good news, though. And that, too, is equally uncomfortable. It is that God Himself has provided a Way to enter into His very presence. It is via imputation… a propitiation… a heavenly exchange… wherein our unrighteousness is taken and nailed, once and for all time to that shameful tree. And Jesus’ righteousness covers us for all time.

I realize that some here cannot understand this, and tragically, will choose to remain in that frightened, lonely place… and are bolstered by sheer numbers of companions. To those… destined for tragedy, we labor on… praying that God’s grace is received. But when crossing to eternity, knowing the same did not repent (even if our own close relations…) we will look upon hell and proclaim “hallelujah and amen!”

But there may be one that, by God’s grace, can hear and responds! And when that happens on this side of eternity, we too, exclaim “hallelujah and amen!”

Jesus still proclaims… Whosoever will… Come!


June 11th, 2011

Hi y’all,

I know everybody is having a hard time these days, but I have no choice but to reach out and ask for help.

My heart gave out in February and I had to have open heart surgery. This meant being out of work for four months. Three days after getting out of the hospital my boss fired me for being too sick to do free work after hours.

A couple of weeks after I got home I went back in for treatment of Dressler’s syndrome, basically, inflammation of the lining around the heart. They treated me for that but it is going away slowly. A bit after that I had a really bad day, ended up in the hospital dehydrated with a gall bladder that needed to be removed. That set me back about 10 days

My heart cardiac arteries have been repaired but the echo-cardiogram shows my heart muscles are barely working, which is why I am still fatigued easily and short of breath. I saw m cardiologist June 10th. He did not release me for work. I cannot collect unemployment because I cannot work and the job market is not terriffic right now anyhow, sooooo…. well, you get the picture.

If you can, please help. Whether you can help or not, please pray that nothing else breaks or needs surgery.

Thanks a lot,

Brad and Julie Thompson



World’s Largest Atom Smasher May Have Detected ‘God Particle’

April 23rd, 2011


This should really be interesting!

World’s Largest Atom Smasher May Have Detected ‘God Particle’ –

Okay… basically, they are saying, “Nothing to see here. Move along, people!”

Grace Gone Wild

April 15th, 2011

Relativism has gone too far! Watch as a church copies porn to portray the grace of God.

Grace Gone Wild from Rich Wilkerson on Vimeo.

Church! How silly are you willing to get?

How carnal are you willing to become?

This is just using the name of Christ for vanity.