June 11th, 2011

Hi y’all,

I know everybody is having a hard time these days, but I have no choice but to reach out and ask for help.

My heart gave out in February and I had to have open heart surgery. This meant being out of work for four months. Three days after getting out of the hospital my boss fired me for being too sick to do free work after hours.

A couple of weeks after I got home I went back in for treatment of Dressler’s syndrome, basically, inflammation of the lining around the heart. They treated me for that but it is going away slowly. A bit after that I had a really bad day, ended up in the hospital dehydrated with a gall bladder that needed to be removed. That set me back about 10 days

My heart cardiac arteries have been repaired but the echo-cardiogram shows my heart muscles are barely working, which is why I am still fatigued easily and short of breath. I saw m cardiologist June 10th. He did not release me for work. I cannot collect unemployment because I cannot work and the job market is not terriffic right now anyhow, sooooo…. well, you get the picture.

If you can, please help. Whether you can help or not, please pray that nothing else breaks or needs surgery.

Thanks a lot,

Brad and Julie Thompson



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