How we view the times

September 26th, 2009

Tough times are coming.Many might say they are here now. I believe “you aint seen nothin yet!”

The big financial mess with banks and wallstreet failing and getting bailed out is just the start of the financial crisis. This was made possible by the do nothing congress passing idiotic risky laws that allowed bankers to write loans that were destined to fail. Way too many people saw the loan bubble as a way to get a house they could not afford. Others saw the loans as a way to get caught up from a mess they were already in.

Folks are really getting whacked now, facing foreclosure when they were trying to bounce back from a bad break. Not only are the homes they worked hard for going be taken but the wall street screw ups cost them a good portion of their retirement accounts.

As bad as it is now, it is going to get worse. How was the trillion dollar bailout package financed? Higher taxes? Probably, but the main way they will come up with the money is to just print it! This will make the money already in circulation worth even less, causing massive inflation. Don’t expect your paychecks tokeep up with inflation.The executives will just put out more memos that due to tough times there will be no raises (except for the executives, of course). Lay offs will lead to more work for the people that still have jobs, till they are doing what used to be done by teams of people.

Here in the land of the free, the free market system is dying. The bailouts come with a price: the government wants seats on the board of directors so they can run things. You thought your job was tough when greedy people ran it? Wait till it is run by governemnt committees.

Unemployment and homelessness will skyrocket. The rich will get by and the poor will be crushed. The only way to fight back will be to come together with like minded people and get ready now to form an alternate society. At some point even the rich will be faced with a choice: take an ID tag that says you belong to the Man in Charge or die.

Only the people that have prepared beforehand will the structures in place to drop out and support themselves, get off the societal radar before they make you register with them. It will not be easy, but it is what we need to do to survive.

Are you ready?