A Church Unique Snapshot of Potential Church

March 29th, 2011

Hmmm… is church where you go to learn about Jesus and what He has done for you?

I didn’t know it was supposed to be about kingdom concept, vision and strategy.

Where does Jesus fit into this?

They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious – Jeremiah 6:14

MegaPink MegaChurch: A Church Unique Snapshot of Potential Church – Will Mancini

John MacArthur, Joel Osteen is a QuasiPantheist

November 4th, 2010

While John MacArthur uses a lot of different adjectives to describe what Joel Osteen preaches.

I think he forgot one… Pelagian. And I will not hold it against him, but his discernment of the words is spot on!


John MacArthur

Folks… be like the Bereans (Acts 17:11,) do not take what you hear from any pulpit as fact. Search the scripture, see if those things preached are so!

Regardless of the other words used to describe what Joel Osteen says, it all boils down to heresy.

Christmas… Should Christians Celebrate a Holiday that May Have Pagan Roots?

November 30th, 2009

This is a question many Christians have asked themselves. In this sermon consider…

We are assembled this day to celebrate the nativity of the Son of God. The theme is one full of wonder, of instruction, and of comfort.

We celebrate in December and some have said that Christmas is indeed pagan. There have been many other sermons given through the years that question whether Jesus could have been born in the winter season. I never really gave it much thought. Until 25 or so years ago, my pastor at the time, Richard Schermerhorn, gave a sermon. In it, he made a clear case for Christ’s birth having occurred on or around the time of year we celebrate it.

This sermon, preached on Christmas Day in 1844 covers the pagan roots of the holiday and the difference between “high church” (read liturgical) and “low church” read informal celebrations. I also contains some timeless wisdom… especially since the exact arguments are tried today!

If we remember…

It commends Christ to us as a perfect Savior. As a Redeemer. We need one who can suffer in our stead; one who can make a satisfaction to divine justice; one who can be a “mediator between God and man,” [1 Timothy 2:5] “a days-man betwixt us, that might lay his hand upon us both,” [Job 9:33] This qualification the Son of God acquired by his assumption of flesh.

It is a great thing for us because He did assume flesh!

Read the entire sermon here: WallBuilders – Historical Writings – Sermon – Christmas – 1844

For me and my house… we commemorate the day to the Lord!